Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The saucy goose

Take a gander at this

Ann Coulter is on the bestseller lists again with her book Godless. You might think that this would be one of the signs of the apocalypse, but instead it's just a signal for her fans to strut their stuff and join their heroine in their favorite past-time: lying.

I should be more charitable (unlike Ann). Perhaps Ann's fans are entirely sincere and can't tell when they're being fed propaganda. Are they dupes or confederates? It can be quite difficult to tell.

From the June 16, 2006, Letters to The Bee:

Common tactics of the left

Re “Ann Coulter and the GOP,” letter, June 12: I have a suggestion for Michael Meredith-Saunders regarding his opinion of Ann Coulter and how “the good, decent people of the GOP need to take their party back” by ridding the influence of Coulter. He might try actually reading what she has to say before forming an opinion.

Coulter generates so much outrage from the left mainly because she has the courage to take on liberals' sacred cows. She has not trashed the 9/11 widows known as the Jersey girls. She has in fact expressed sympathy to them for their loss. But since these widows have used their celebrity to be outspoken critics of the Bush administration and the New York Port Authority, Coulter feels they should not be exempt from criticism of their words and actions.

This is a common tactic of the left. Like using Cindy Sheehan to slam President Bush. Critics of what she says are accused of being mean and hateful since she tragically lost her son in Iraq.

Scott Nichols, Rescue

We should all thank Mr. Nichols for explaining to us that Coulter is merely responding to a “common tactic of the left” when she heaps abuse on others. Oh, wait a minute! He said that she does not do that: “She has not trashed the 9/11 widows.” Thanks for the heads up, Scott! Where we did we get that false impression? I wonder.

As Media Matters for America has noted, on Page 103 of her book Godless: The Church of Liberalism (Crown Forum), Coulter unleashed the following attack on the 9-11 widows who criticized the Bush administration's handling of terrorism: “These broads are millionaires, lionized on TV and in articles about them, reveling in their status as celebrities and stalked by grief-arazzis. I've never seen people enjoying their husbands' deaths so much.”

Let's see now: “These broads,” “enjoying their husbands' deaths” well, I sure don't see any trashing there! And we know that Scott Nichols doesn't either. He is a true Coulterite.

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