Sunday, June 28, 2009

Back on the bench

The Back Bench has been idle, one of those “abandoned” blogs that outnumber the ones actually being updated. I hope I'm back now. The past year was swallowed up in hectic accreditation activity at school, but things are opening up this summer. And I have something to post, too, since the San Francisco Chronicle saw fit to print my letter to the editor on June 16.

Growing nut cases

Thank you for running Signe Wilkinson's editorial cartoon (June 13) depicting the lone nut-cases sprouting from the tree of U.S. hate groups.

If, however, she hadn't chosen such a close-up, we could have seen Rush Limbaugh watering the tree while Glenn Beck spreads manure to fertilize it. Or perhaps Rush spreads the fertilizer while Glenn waters it with his tears. Same difference.